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La Mejor De Todas Lyrics In English ( Full Version )

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Presenting you La Mejor De Todas Lyrics In English was sung by Eslabon Armado and written by Luciano Luna.

La Mejor De Todas Lyrics In English

SongLa Mejor De Todas
SingerEslabon Armado
LyricsLuciano Luna

La Mejor De Todas Lyrics In English

You are everything I wish for
You are the gift that fell from the sky
I want to be always by your side
Even your issues have
Made me fall in love

And I can’t compare you
I’ve never met anyone
Who equals you
You are the best of all
To describe you the words
Are unnecessary

The protagonist of my new story
The one that I usually love
If we are alone
The one that she is happy
And is always present
And she spends her time
Just to please me
You are someone higher than
The love of my life

You are the reason For my joys
When I’m with you
The hours don’t run
Because you have everything that
Makes me fall in love
You are in a few words the best of all

La Mejor De Todas Video

This is the end of Eslabon Armado La Mejor de Todas translation in English so i hope you people enjoy this song. you can also read In The Middle Of The Night In My Dreams Lyrics here.

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